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    I’ve Helped Over 25 E-commerce Brands 3X Their Revenue with Paid Ads and WhatsApp Marketing

    As an e-commerce marketing expert, I’ve helped more than 25 D2C/eCom brands triple their revenue with my effective Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp marketing strategies. By leveraging these platforms, I’ve been able to target and engage potential customers in a way that drives sales and business growth. If you’re looking to take your e-commerce business to the next level, let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your goals through these powerful marketing tools.


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    Performance Marketing

    Maximize e-commerce growth and ROI with our targeted Performance Marketing strategies

    Creative Strategy

    Elevate your e-commerce brand with my high-converting creative ads and UGC ads frameworks.

    WhatsApp Marketing

    Rev up your e-commerce sales with my 7-step high-impact WhatsApp Marketing strategies

    Website Development

    As a website developer, I specialize in WordPress and Shopify, creating functional and visually appealing sites.


    About Me

    For the forward-thinking business owner aiming to establish or expand their brand online, I am Emil Eji – a Fractional CMO with a track record of propelling D2C brands to new heights. My approach is rooted in strategic problem-solving, a trait that has evolved me from a Computer Science Engineer to a versatile “Jack Of All Trade Marketer.”

    In 2024, I took on the mantle of Fractional CMO, providing strategic consultation to D2C brands globally. My expertise lies in orchestrating full-funnel marketing operations for Fashion, Apparel, Skincare, Baby Care, and FMCG brands across India and the Middle East.


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    My 4-Step Process That Helps My Clients to 3X Their Business

    As an expert with over 7 years in experience, I have worked with several clients over the years and helped them to grow their businesses by three times or more. Here is my 4-step process that has helped me achieve these results and hopefully it can help you too.

    Step 1: Analyse and Optimise Website Performance

    Improving website performance is key to growing an eCommerce business. I analyze metrics like loading speed, navigation, and engagement to identify areas for improvement. By optimizing the website, we can provide a better user experience, increase conversions, and boost revenue.

    Step 2: Enhance Website User Experience

    Creating a great user experience is essential for eCommerce success. I work closely with my clients to understand their target audience and optimize the website design, navigation, checkout process, upsell and cross-sell funnels. Providing useful content on their product pages and easy-to-use features helps build trust and increase sales.

    Step 3: Leverage Social Media and Paid Advertising

    Social media and paid advertising are powerful tools for reaching a wider audience and driving traffic to an eCommerce site. I help my clients identify the right channels for their business and create engaging content, targeted ads, and monitoring metrics to optimize performance.

    Step 4: Implement WhatsApp Marketing and Retargeting

    WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that businesses can leverage to connect with customers and drive sales. By implementing WhatsApp marketing strategies like chatbots and personalized messaging, we can boost engagement and conversions. Retargeting also helps by reminding potential customers about products they’ve viewed and encouraging them to make a purchase.

    What my Clients say!

    We got in touch with Emil for website development and what I liked about him was that he understood our requirement & had a good understanding of it. He was quick to address the problem and find solutions for it. It was a pleasure working with you Emil, thanks!

    Yaseen Girach

    Founder & International Sales Head, Girach International

    I worked with Emil Eji for the branding, website and digital marketing of my Companies FutureA4 and Ruralmiles. I found him to be very strategic and at the same time very hands-on. I sincerely appreciate his maturity in dealing with the subjects and guiding the Customer; clearly articulating what is best for the Brand rather than just saying “ok” for everything that Customer says! He has sound knowledge in the areas he deals with. I had a good experience with him and recommend him very highly.

    Jay Menon

    CEO, FutureA4 & Ruralmiles

    Landing page was something I was looking for so that I could explain my course easily to my target audience and that’s how someone recommended Emil’s name. I got the exact page that I was looking for within the required time. Thank you so much and I definitely recommend Emil when it comes to landing page creation.

    Neha Agarwal

    Business Coach

    It was a great experience working with Emil. I have seen Emil’s growth as a digital marketer over the years and as soon as I found out he’s also into creating WordPress websites, I immediately approached him to build a website even though my business already had a website. Since Emil is a digital marketer by profession, you can be assured that your website will be optimized to get the best SEO results. He got the website done quickly and also made sure I was satisfied with the output.

    Vignesh R

    CEO, The Palace House ECR

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